nightmare eyes with blue purple background with tag and an animated cat with blue face and pink white eyes and blue shirt black trousers

This "Nightmare Eyes With Blue Purple Background With Tag And An Animated Cat With Blue Face And Pink White Eyes And Blue Shirt Black Trousers" picture contains 20 colors such as Intergalactic Cowboy, North Star Blue, Taiwan Blue Magpie, Lapis Jewel, Bachelor Button, Christmas Blue, Oasis Spring, New Car, Genestealer Purple, Bright Midnight Blue, Lenurple, Blue Depression, Illicit Darkness, Black, Black Htun, Lusty Lavender, Majorelle Blue, Crocus, Highland, Beaded Blue. You can get inspiration in gaining color ideas for your painting from the image.

#181860rgb (24, 24, 96)Intergalactic Cowboy
#183090rgb (24, 48, 144)North Star Blue
#3078a8rgb (48, 120, 168)Taiwan Blue Magpie
#186090rgb (24, 96, 144)Lapis Jewel
#48c0d8rgb (72, 192, 216)Bachelor Button
#3090c0rgb (48, 144, 192)Christmas Blue
#48a8c0rgb (72, 168, 192)Oasis Spring
#1848c0rgb (24, 72, 192)New Car
#7860a8rgb (120, 96, 168)Genestealer Purple
#184878rgb (24, 72, 120)Bright Midnight Blue
#c090d8rgb (192, 144, 216)Lenurple
#3030c0rgb (48, 48, 192)Blue Depression
#000030rgb (0, 0, 48)Illicit Darkness
#000000rgb (0, 0, 0)Black
#180030rgb (24, 0, 48)Black Htun
#9060c0rgb (144, 96, 192)Lusty Lavender
#6048d8rgb (96, 72, 216)Majorelle Blue
#c078a8rgb (192, 120, 168)Crocus
#789060rgb (120, 144, 96)Highland
#484890rgb (72, 72, 144)Beaded Blue