navy watercolor with blue white color gradient full blocked painting on white canvas

This "Navy Watercolor With Blue White Color Gradient Full Blocked Painting On White Canvas" picture contains 9 colors such as Merchant Marine Blue, Aqua Zing, Arcade Glow, Mint Macaron, Dark Galaxy, Blue Darknut, Button Blue, Scotch Blue, Waterspout. You can get inspiration in gaining color ideas for your painting from the image.

#0048d8rgb (0, 72, 216)Merchant Marine Blue
#78d8d8rgb (120, 216, 216)Aqua Zing
#0030c0rgb (0, 48, 192)Arcade Glow
#a8f0f0rgb (168, 240, 240)Mint Macaron
#0018a8rgb (0, 24, 168)Dark Galaxy
#0078f0rgb (0, 120, 240)Blue Darknut
#18a8f0rgb (24, 168, 240)Button Blue
#000078rgb (0, 0, 120)Scotch Blue
#a8f0ffrgb (168, 240, 255)Waterspout