Koi drawings cartoon design colored with white in the body with a little orange details in some sides using grey background

This "Koi Drawings Cartoon Design Colored With White In The Body With A Little Orange Details In Some Sides Using Grey Background" picture contains 13 colors such as Steel, Frontier, Tin, Kettleman, Arrowwood, Bud, Butter Fudge, Black Cat, Swing Sage, Thamar Black, Cobre, Hairy Brown, Black. You can get inspiration in gaining color ideas for your painting from the image.

#787878rgb (120, 120, 120)Steel
#304848rgb (48, 72, 72)Frontier
#909090rgb (144, 144, 144)Tin
#606060rgb (96, 96, 96)Kettleman
#c09018rgb (192, 144, 24)Arrowwood
#a8a890rgb (168, 168, 144)Bud
#a86000rgb (168, 96, 0)Butter Fudge
#303030rgb (48, 48, 48)Black Cat
#c0c0a8rgb (192, 192, 168)Swing Sage
#181818rgb (24, 24, 24)Thamar Black
#906018rgb (144, 96, 24)Cobre
#784818rgb (120, 72, 24)Hairy Brown
#000000rgb (0, 0, 0)Black