husky drawing with grey white colors pink ears tongue black background

This "Husky Drawing With Grey White Colors Pink Ears Tongue Black Background" picture contains 9 colors such as Frills, Glacier Blue, Thamar Black, Medium Jungle Green, Steel, Black, Frontier, Blue Tapestry, Raisin in the Sun. You can get inspiration in gaining color ideas for your painting from the image.

#90a8c0rgb (144, 168, 192)Frills
#a8c0c0rgb (168, 192, 192)Glacier Blue
#181818rgb (24, 24, 24)Thamar Black
#183030rgb (24, 48, 48)Medium Jungle Green
#787878rgb (120, 120, 120)Steel
#000000rgb (0, 0, 0)Black
#304848rgb (48, 72, 72)Frontier
#486060rgb (72, 96, 96)Blue Tapestry
#786060rgb (120, 96, 96)Raisin in the Sun