How many times you have explained that you want something pinky but not the pink they mean. You may mention the pink that looks light but a bit heavy. Of course, no one can understand what you mean. Now, why don’t you try to find out the real name of the certain color you mean? Yes, color picker tool is the best solution to name the colors you want.

Here, to use the tool is quite simple. You just have to upload the picture and submit it on the color picker tool. For the next, you will be able to find the list of colors on the picture. Now, you don’t have to mention the pink that is light fade and so on. You can directly mention the HEX, RGB, and the name of the color. Enjoy exploring the tool!

What Do You Know by Color Picker Tool?

Now, it is best to start knowing what it is meant by the term of color picker. As you all can see, the tool is going to detect the color of an image or picture you upload in this site. Besides, you can also decide the color you want to apply for your room based on the reference you get from an image on internet.

Believe it or not, there are over 16.8 million of colors that you don’t know. And, it is okay if you don’t recognize or memorize them as not a single person does. Yes, by the help of the color picker, you can easily find out the composition of the colors of an image.

More to know, color picker is a tool where you can use it to explore the composition of colors on an image, picture, or photo. Yes, you can find the color picker online at this website as well. It is easy to use and will show you the accurate results.

Once you use the tool, you no longer have to check the color of the image one by one and write it down on a note. Of course, it is tiring and the result may be not accurate. In other words, the tool is able to mention more than twenty names of colors. You just have to upload a photo at the tool and get the list of the color composition.

What are the Functions of the Color Picker Tool?

Indeed, the function of the color picker is of course to find out the lit of colors in an image, photo, or picture. You know, you may be too lazy to make a list on certain colors. Of course, the color picker tool helps you a lot in finding out the name of the colors. Talking about the results, you don’t have to worry as they are valid.

No doubt, this tool must be helpful for you who want to do something with color. They are such as decorating room, house, picking the best paints for your painting, and so on. Yes, you just need to submit the picture and let the tool does its job. Anyway, do you know how many colors that you need to know? And, the information you can gain from the tool is:

• The Name of the Color based on 16.8 Million Color Names
• RGB Information
• HEX Information
• The Sample of the Color in Palette

Step by Step Guides to Use Picture Color Picker Tool
It looks like you are interested in using the color picker at this website. As you all can see, the steps that you have to take in order to use the tool is pretty easy. Here the brief steps guides for you:

• Step 1: Get an Image on Your Device (Laptop or Phone)
First of all, you should get the image that you want to analyze the color composition. Here, you can use the format of PNG, JPG, JPEG, and so on. But, you cannot use the ones that are moving like GIF and so on. You can get the picture from internet. If you have, you can download it first. Or maybe, you can also screenshot it from certain sources. If you have phone, you can also take a picture of the object directly.

• Step 2: Upload the Picture
And then, you can upload the picture on the color picker available at this site. Of course, you should pick the right picture which you want to analyze the color composition of the picture.

• Step 3: Put Some Description of the Picture
After uploading the picture from your device, you need to write on the description. Simply, you just need to enter four words.

• Step 4: Click on the Submit Button
After that, you need to click on the submit button.

• Step 5: Check the Results of the Color Finder
Now, you have submitted the picture. For some seconds, the color picker will show the results of colors on the screen. No doubt, you can also see the details like HEX, RGB, and name of the colors. Yes, the tool is simple to use, isn’t it?