dumpling drawing real image of steamed dumplings on a brown wood sauces above the black chopsticks

This "Dumpling Drawing Real Image Of Steamed Dumplings On A Brown Wood Sauces Above The Black Chopsticks" picture contains 7 colors such as Alga Moss, Loden Frost, Uniform Grey, Kettleman, Swing Sage, Chinaberry, Medium Jungle Green. You can get inspiration in gaining color ideas for your painting from the image.

#90a890rgb (144, 168, 144)Alga Moss
#789078rgb (120, 144, 120)Loden Frost
#a8a8a8rgb (168, 168, 168)Uniform Grey
#606060rgb (96, 96, 96)Kettleman
#c0c0a8rgb (192, 192, 168)Swing Sage
#484860rgb (72, 72, 96)Chinaberry
#183030rgb (24, 48, 48)Medium Jungle Green