cardinal drawings simple image with life quote landscape

This "Cardinal Drawings Simple Image With Life Quote Landscape" picture contains 9 colors such as Paseo Verde, Alga Moss, Old Mauve, Arterial Blood Red, Blackberry, Medium Jungle Green, Kettleman, Thamar Black, Benthic Black. You can get inspiration in gaining color ideas for your painting from the image.

#909078rgb (144, 144, 120)Paseo Verde
#90a890rgb (144, 168, 144)Alga Moss
#603048rgb (96, 48, 72)Old Mauve
#781818rgb (120, 24, 24)Arterial Blood Red
#481830rgb (72, 24, 48)Blackberry
#183030rgb (24, 48, 48)Medium Jungle Green
#606060rgb (96, 96, 96)Kettleman
#181818rgb (24, 24, 24)Thamar Black
#000018rgb (0, 0, 24)Benthic Black